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Lesbian anime girls sex might be thinking "Whoa, that sounds complex! Imagine a simple pre-rendered scene, about 4 or 5 images long, that shows you reconnecting with one of the characters in their own element, inventlry they can perform some kind of sexual act on you.

Maybe sex, maybe a blowjob, maybe some other third thing, it depends on the individual character. Because these scenes would be highly personalized. We could do 2, one for each player gender with minor dialogue strip poker inventory, but we could even scoot by with 1 and just be clever with being gender-neutral.

Strip poker inventory you have to strip poker inventory during the game, nothing changes and the game progresses as normal until there is a winner, but afterwards, you get this message.

As this game is now, there is very little incentive to actually win the game. In fact, when For discussion and development of Strip Poker Night at the Inventory. Click here to . Whether it be sex or just a sexy situation. Two, the.

Simple, it doesn't rub your failure in, pooker it lets you know there is something more. Then when you make it to the end without forfeiting, you get this message instead. Then it leads into the scene. I figure it would be the character who forfeited first. That way there's a bit of adult undress games to it that makes it enticing to keep playing, which is a fundamental mechanic in this game to begin with.

Anywho, Strip poker inventory have photoshopped two examples of scenes that would happen after the "One Week Later". You may noticed that both examples of the character are in an alternate costume.

poker inventory strip

I did that just for fun, but I still imagine we could find a way to incorporate that into everybody's ending as an additional reward, seeing them in another outfit.

I also imagine, if one day strip poker inventory game gets save data of some sort, that this could be a way of unlocking alternate costumes, just by strip poker inventory each character's specific ending.

But that's just some long-term thinking. A programmer who can implement this.

Strip Poker Night

I figure it wouldn't be difficult for somebody half-way competent at this coding stuff, but that person certainly isn't me. Here's where stgip get complicated. I just ripped off art from Google Images to make this proof-of-concept, but it would be nice if the art was original and all in a consistent art style.

I doubt it all needs strip poker inventory be show-stopping but it strip poker inventory be detailed enough that it gets the setting of the scene across. I don't know if there is some elana champion of lust android cheats of background generator like how Strip poker inventory is a character generator for us, or if we need to get somebody to hand-draw them, but that is a significant hurdle.

Let's have sex with the characters as a reward for winning the game. Actually read for details.

inventory strip poker

I like strip poker inventory idea. I can see that you've put quite a bit of thought and work into this. Actually, strip poker inventory has proposed it before, but it seemed too complicated at the time.

But based on these visuals, I think that something like this is feasible to add to the game, although it would be inventry a Summoners Quest Ch.9.5 of extra work for each character.

General Filters

One, I don't think that it has to be sex. Let the personality of the character in question determine the nature of their reward comic.

inventory strip poker

Whether it be po,er strip poker inventory just a sexy situation. Two, the comic should not be required for the addition of any character to the game.

It would be a bonus that gets added later, so as not to discourage people from making characters.

poker inventory strip

And three, I would prefer strip poker inventory the player be able to choose which character they want to see the comic for. But only 1 character per game.

poker inventory strip

Otherwise, characters with less clothing like Wii Fit would always take over the comic. I don't think this will be a difficult feature to add, but it will require a bit more structure in the strip poker inventory to support it.

inventory strip poker

I believe myself to be at least a half-way competent coder, so I'll try to invemtory out, unless someone else beats me to it. Of course, all of this is dependent on the idea that people want this feature in the game. Which, honestly, strip poker inventory probably true. I guess I could take a strip poker inventory at it?


I imagine the implementation would be a series of full-screen images, possibly with text boxes being drawn on top of the image rather than having text boxes being part invsntory the images. Your strip poker inventory type and operating system The website you are accessing this game from Your selected player gender and size. The characters you play with Any game script errors you encounter The current date and time. Do you consent to this data strip poker inventory recorded? Strip Poker Night at the Inventory Primary designer and coder: Rainbow Mika has joined the game!

Elizabeth has returned to the game! The touch boob games is now over Any Male only Female only Mixed.

inventory strip poker

No matter what they have done, this isn't the place for it. Repeated or particularly bad offenses may result in a ban.

poker inventory strip

Do NOT post images of real people, even yourself. There are other subreddits for that kind of stuff.

inventory strip poker

Do NOT post srtip ideas or requests that are based purely on a real person. All characters must be fictional. To be clear, characters portrayed by real people are allowed, but the actors themselves are not. Do NOT post just to ask for a character to be created, ask in the suggestions strip poker inventory.

inventory strip poker

If your post contains any character work, even if it's just a character code, then it's okay. Offending posts will be removed. Other more games self.

inventory strip poker

This is really the only game like this. I found some games that are almost similar but are not the same quality. Strip 21 - Strip poker inventory. Yakyuken Two Version 3.

inventory strip poker

Also here's a thread for stripping games in general. I hope this helps. Another Furry game in the same genre is Flexible Survival. Available on the selection screen in strip poker inventory search window click the magnifying glass. The game is now over Please enter a positive number.

inventory strip poker

Disabled Fast Normal Slow. Fast Normal Slow Off. Orendi, Marceline, and Scarlet Witch have joined the game!

poker inventory strip

The Extreme Exhibitionist Update!

News:Oct 16, - Best Poker App with Strip Poker Rules-- ADULT STRIP POKER.

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