My name is Valentina Khoruzhaya, the second name is Ivani.
I have a disability, since childhood, moving with an active wheelchair.

Knowledge of languages: Ukrainian, Russian (native), English (primary).

She was born in a small town of Troitskoe, in the Lugansk region (Ukraine).
In 11 years with her parents moved to Alchevsk, Lugansk region.

Since 2005 she took part in many creative festivals and competitions, where she occupied not the last places. Two years of singing and six years of professional dance.
In 2009, she took part in the beauty contest among girls in wheelchairs “Beauty without obmezhen” in Donetsk, where she received the nomination “Miss Artistry”.

In 2011, she entered the Lugansk National Pedagogical University. Taras Shevchenko.
The faculty: Institute of Physical Education and Sport
Department: Physical rehabilitation and valeology
I was practicing in a children’s rehabilitation center in Alchevsk.

The first steps to a dream:
My first professional experience in photography occurred when I found out that my photographer was studying in my group. Agreed with him on the shooting straight in the university.
After this shooting, I realized that I want to become a model.


A new life and a way to a dream:

At the age of 21 I moved to Odessa, stayed in Odessa and graduated from the university in absentia.
In Odessa, I met many models, one of which became a very good friend to me.
In 2015, she invited me to take part in the photosession, after I received the photos – my desire to become a model turned into a goal!

From dream to goal:
In 2014 she visited the beauty contest “Miss Divina” where she performed with a dance giving it to all the contestants, having received a beautiful diadem in return.
Since 2016, has started active participation in various photo projects and social projects.
I started to create my portfolio that you see on this site.
In 2016 she visited the “Opera Classic – Spring” show in Odessa.
In 2017 I visited the show “Ukraine Fashion Week – Odessa”


From 2015 to 2017 she worked in a sanatorium as a settlement administrator in one of the buildings. Now I work remotely in the field of SMM.


I love walking, walking on city trip. Going to the movies or concerts. I like to take part in various projects, television programs. I like listening to music.


I am able to create products from quilling and self-hardening plasticine.


I like dancing.
I like table tennis very much (I do not know how to play myself but I will learn how to play in the plans).
I go in for sports myself to support and grow the body.
After all, as Alla Kostromicheva said, “It is very important for models to maintain sophistication, not to pump the figure.”
And with my problem, sports – this is important not only for beauty, but also for health.


Thighs: 77 sm.
Waist: 60 sm.
Chest: 90 sm.
Growth: 155 sm.
The weight: 50 kg.
Eye color: gray-green.
Hair color: Light brown.
Shoe size: 37


Family status: Single.

Favorite animals: I love all animals, especially cats and dogs.

Always with me: mirror, lipstick, notepad.

Dream: become a professional model.

What do you like about your character: honesty, confidence, punctuality.

What would I like to change in myself: I’m stubborn, I like to defend my point of view to the end, and I always tell the truth to a person in the eye, I rarely say nothing, because of what there are problems in dealing with people around.